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EquipOne has created a firm specifically designed to assist corporations executing transactions between $1M to $750M. Whether your objective is to raise capital, sell all or part of the business, divest a division, acquire or merge, our engagement terms are specifically designed to eliminate conflicts of interests by assuming most or all of the risk through our success driven agreements.

We can give you the solutions you need for those issues and decisions you are facing today. We can give you new directions and processes to help you achieve your goals and greater profitability, performance, and security. Take this opportunity to learn how we can work with you and for you.

Channel to Market

EquipOne has a belief that OEMs are struggling with distribution because they fail to invest the energy in truly understanding the financial impact on their dealers in representing their products. We have taken our Financial Modeling capabilites and can assist OEMs in developing strategies to insure the financial health of their dealer networks. We also have a belief that Sales of Products in todays financial climate is a financial transaction, not just a features and benefits sale.

Debt Restructure

We are a company of seasoned and experienced industry professionals with unique expertise in providing tested, proven, and exclusive debt restructuring and business operation programs designed for your business.

Working as a dedicated partner with you, your people, and your financial institutions, we will perform a complete dues diligence evaluation, review and audit of your entire operation. From this, we will create a new and workable debt structure and operational model for your specific business. We will manage the process and lead you through the entire refinancing negotiations with your lending sources - who are also seeking new solutions to sustain your credibility and for their own continued security and profitability. We will also create a comprehensive best practices program that includes effective fleet utilization and management to support your new financial structure.

Mergers & Acquisitions

has been on both the buy and sell side for small and large corporate entities. Utilizing our extensive expertise we provide clients with senior-level attention throughout all phases of the transaction process from identifying best fit candidates, initiating, valuing, financing, structuring and negotiating mergers and acquisitions through due diligence and closures.

Our successful M&A transactional experience includes purchases of assets and stocks, security swaps, licensing agreements, earn-outs and multinational role-ups.

Capital Raises

EquipOne assists clients in raising the capital that the company needs to finance working capital (cash flow requirements), drive organic growth, provide liquidity to shareholders, or fund an acquisition. Whether the capital source is senior debt, subordinated debt, a private equity investment, or venture capital, EquipOne has broad domestic and international relationships within the corporate finance and private investment banking industry, enabling us to access the best capital solution.

The EquipOne's advisors are in constant contact with global capital sources in order to ensure access to capital which meets the financial structuring requirements that enable the execution of optimal value maximization strategies.

Strategic Advisory Services

EquipOne provides industry and capital markets corporate finance advisory services to shareholders and their boards to assist in developing value maximization strategies, and facilitating better understanding of various liquidity options. Through a systematic review, analysis and reporting process, we identify value deflators and growth drivers that prepare the company for a value maximizing transaction.

Fairness Opinions and Valuations

EquipOne's ability to accurately estimate the value of a company is a critical component of our unique business model. Accurate valuations combined with superior execution enable us to waive the need for upfront retainer fees.

Valuations and fairness opinions are a routine part of the mergers and acquisitions process. However, there are several other reasons for performing a business valuation including initial public offerings, corporate sales & divestitures, obtaining financing, stock options and ESOP plans, liquidation & insolvency analyses, shareholder redemptions, succession planning, and joint venture agreements.

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